Grant Giving

In many ways, spending money well is as hard and complex as raising it, and it takes time and professionalism to get it right. We receive many more applications for grants than we can make, and selecting those that best meet the criteria can therefore be difficult.

Once the Trustees have made their final decisions, we monitor and evaluate the impact of the grants we award through reporting conditions and first-hand knowledge to ensure that the money we are responsible for is genuinely making as big a difference as it possibly can.

Furthermore, to keep things fair and equitable:

  • Organisations can only submit one application at a time
  • If an application is unsuccessful, you cannot reapply for a grant for 12 months, from the date of your initial application.
  • Alfred Dunhill Links Foundation only makes grants in the current areas of interest outlined.

We fund both on-going Programme Delivery and low scale Capital costs. Examples of Revenue costs are salaries and hire of facilities. Examples of Capital costs are computers and office equipment.

If you currently hold a grant with us, you can only apply again during the final nine months of your existing grant period. This application can be for funding for the same project, or a different project.

The Trustees may make grants for any charitable purpose.
However, the Trustees’ current policy is to focus their grant-making in the areas of:

  • The development of amateur golf in Scotland and South Africa
  • The preservation of the historic town of St Andrews
  • Support for the University of St Andrews
  • Support of charities with a link to St Andrews, Carnoustie and Kingsbarns

Guidelines relating to Grant Applications can be found here.

Grant Applications

The Alfred Dunhill Links Foundation welcomes applications for funds from charities and other benevolent organisations with purposes and projects which provide significant benefits to the community and individuals.

To be eligible for a grant, an applicant must be a community-based organisation or a non-governmental organisation that is registered or recognised as a charitable or benevolent organisation.

Organisations seeking funding should have:

  • A broad base of funding support to demonstrate sustainability
  • Management capacity to carry through their projects
  • Clear plan for project evaluation with outcome measurement

Grants vary and in special circumstances the Trustees may make recurring grants. The Foundation will fund both Revenue and Capital costs.

It is important to note that the Foundation does not fund certain types of organisations or activities, these include:

  • Statutory bodies or profit-making organisations
  • Organisations working purely with elite sport or promoting sporting talent
  • Individuals for their sole benefit
  • Major infrastructure projects or large capital grants
  • Disaster or emergency humanitarian relief projects

For details about the application process, click here.