Apply for a Grant

How to apply for a Grant

The Alfred Dunhill Links Foundation receives many more applications for grants than it can make and therefore we request that grant applicants follow the process explained below:

It is recommended that organisations applying for Grants should carefully read:

before sending in their submissions.

Having read these, applicants should complete an Expression of Interest Form to allow the Foundation to identify whether or not the project falls within its areas of interest and its grant making criteria. The Expression of Interest Form must be returned by post to the address given on the Form. To download the Expression of Interest Form click here. Expression of Interest Forms must be received at the offices of the Foundation by July 1st each year.

There are three possible outcomes following this initial submission:

  • The applicant is awarded a grant for the project on the basis of the information given on the Form.
  • The applicant is asked to complete a fuller Application Form for consideration by the Trustees at their annual meeting in October, at which point a grant may or may not be awarded.
  • The applicant is advised that on the basis of the information contained in the Expression of Interest Form the project does not meet the grant giving criteria and as such the application is unsuccessful.

Expression of Interest Forms will be reviewed once a month and applicants will be contacted within two weeks from the date of review. Applicants who are then asked to complete an Application Form must return it by post to the address given on the Application Form.

To view the Alfred Dunhill Links Foundation Application Form online click here. To be considered, all Application Forms must be received by August 1st each year.

The Trustees meet to consider grant applications annually prior to the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship in October. Applicants will be informed of the Trustees’ decision after this annual meeting and payments of grants will be made once the Offer of Grant has been accepted and signed.

The disbursement of funds through grants is at the complete discretion of the Trustees.

Once the grants have been awarded, the Trustees will monitor and evaluate their impact and reserve the right to audit Grant Recipients to verify grants have benefitted their intended purpose.

Grant Process

You should send the completed Expression of Interest Form, or, if you have been asked to complete it, an Application Form, and accompanying documents to:

Princes Exchange,
1 Earl Grey Street,

Grant making is within the complete discretion of the Trustees.

  • Once your Expression of Interest Form or Application Form is received, it is expected that it will be acknowledged by email within 2 weeks. If your proposal is not eligible, you will be told at this stage. All eligible applications will be assessed, and you may be asked for further information
  • Applications which are submitted to the Trustees will be considered at the Trustees’ annual meeting in October – provided the Application Form and all necessary accompanying documents have been received by August 1st.
  • If a grant is awarded, you will be sent an Offer of Grant which is a written agreement you will be required to accept and sign in order to receive the grant. On return of the Offer of Grant signed by you, a cheque will be sent in payment of the grant.
  • The grant agreement will cover such matters as purposes, timing and stages of payment, monitoring, withdrawal and claw-back of grant, and publicity.

Grant Approval Process